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Ready to see which brand ambassador teams you qualify for? Click here to fill out your profile for the sports you participate in. We'll then let you know which companies you pre-qualify for and you can choose those you want to connect with!

How Does It Work?

Ambassador Link was designed to pair companies with the RIGHT ambassadors for their brand. These companies are looking to create a mutually beneficial relationship with ambassadors who believe in their brand and will do their best to promote the product. Keep in mind that "Pro Staff" refers to PROMOTIONAL staff and not PROFESSIONAL staff. If you are just looking for some free gear then you've come to the wrong place. On the flip side, if you're serious about your sport and feel you can effectively promote products and help your sponsors, then we are here to help facilitate that!









Here’s how it works…..
1. Companies set up the criteria and expectations they look for in a brand ambassador.
2. Fill out an application for your sport(s).
3. We then take your application and compare it to the criteria set forth by each company, and pair you up if there is a match.
4. From there YOU can decide which opportunities you want to pursue. We show you what’s required of their ambassadors and if you wish to move forward we make the connection! (after a small fee)

We want to be transparent and fair to all companies and ambassadors. We only pair you with companies that are a fit for you and we make sure all the expectations are up front! No catches, and YOU decide what companies you want to work with.

After we have made the connection, the company will still need to take a look at your profile and make a final decision. Since you have been "pre-approved" by Ambassador Link, there's a high likelihood that you will be accepted to their program!

So go ahead and fill out an application to see who you might be able to work with!